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The Structural Battery Company

We believe that all transport should be sustainable so that our civilisation reduces or eliminates its reliance on fossil fuels. 

We believe all vehicle manufacturers, particularly those in niche markets, should have access to structural batteries to provide an energy source suitable for their product.

Working in partnership with others in an open and straightforward fashion, we will design and manufacture structural batteries for electric vehicles, eVTOL aircraft and maritime vessels – accelerating the transition to sustainable energy for transport.

The Structural Battery Company

Decarbonising transport

We believe in creating technology that delivers performance greater than the sum of its parts.

Design structural batteries

We work with your design team to combine the electrical and mechanical characteristics of cylindrical cells into the core of a structural sandwich panel to improve the overall performance of your vehicle.


To facilitate the transition to net zero faster, we offer customers the option

to license the manufacture of our structural battery technology designed for their project.

Manufacture structural batteries

From the design, we manufacture the structural batteries for assembly into your structure.

The Structural Battery Company


The world experienced a reduction of 17 million tonnes of CO2 per day during the COVID-related lock downs of early 2020.  Global emissions from surface transport fell by 36% or 7.5 million tonnes per day by 7 April 2020 and made the largest contribution to the total emissions change (43%) [1].  


Banning travel will be the only solution should we fail to take remedial action in time and reduce CO2 emissions. The Structural Battery Company believe travel enriches our lives and leads to a more tolerant and inclusive world.

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